Wholesale Product Mastery Review – Learn How You Can Become Successful in This Business!

wholesale product mastery review

If you are thinking about selling on Amazon, you should read this article about our Wholesale Product Mastery review.  Wholesale Product Mastery is presented by Expert University™ and is one of their flagship programs.  Folks that complete this program become professional Amazon sellers.

Let’s first start with what is the business model being considered?

What is “Wholesale Selling” on Amazon?

Let us start by examining the benefits that wholesale product sellers can obtain when they sell on Amazon. Without a doubt the first benefit is traffic.  Amazon brings traffic to their product listings and will charge you a selling fee when your products sell, but no fee to offer your product for sale.

What the Wholesale Product Mastery program teaches is where to go to purchase name brand products.  These products are already selling profitably on Amazon, but need additional competitive sellers.  This is done with a combination of training and software.

Before we get into the training and software, let’s talk about the legitimacy of the business model.

Wholesale Distribution – Legitimate?

There are many ways to make money partnering with Amazon.  When it comes to selling physical products, there are basically four ways:

  1.  Private Label;
  2. Drop Shipping;
  3. Arbitrage (Retail and Online); and
  4. Wholesale

Without a doubt, the wholesale model is the easiest to profit from.  The legitimacy of the model is not an issue.  In fact, it’s one of the oldest business models known to modern man.

It is also one of the most misunderstood models.  This means many folks are reporting misinformation on the model itself and by extension Expert University’s™ Wholesale Product Mastery program.

Distribution, in general, starts with a manufacturer that makes the product.  They then sell in large quantities to the wholesale distributor.  They then sell to the retailer.  The retailer can be a regular brick and mortar store, or an online seller.  The online seller can have their own web stores, or use marketplaces like Amazon and ebay to sell.

How to Profit with Wholesale Products?

The concept is an easy one.  You buy something from a wholesale distributor and you sell it for more to a consumer.  Again this can be done in a physical store, web store or marketplace (in addition to other places).

However, like most ventures, there’s a catch.  Which wholesale distributors will sell us products cheap enough that we can resell them on, say, Amazon, and make a good profit?

That, in essence is one of the major values of the Wholesale Product Mastery program.

Who is Behind Wholesale Product Mastery?

The brand that operates the program is Expert University™.  Expert University™ is an online education company known for creating and selling extensive online training programs, online business profit consulting and SaaS tools to make money online.

The principals are Todd Snively and Chris Keef.  You can learn a lot about these entrepreneurs by listening to their podcast, Entrepreneurs Online, so we’re not going to deep dive the principals here.  Know that Todd Snively has been an entrepreneur since 1983, is a well known Amazon expert and has generated over $100 million in income.

Todd Snively

Todd’s story has been described as Wolf of Wall Street without the sex and drugs.  While worthy of a story all of it’s own, you should really listen to an interview he gave with Norm Farrar on the “I Know This Guy” podcast.  Norm has interviewed scores of interesting people, and to this day still says his interview with Todd was his best, by far.

Chris Keef

Chris was a former six figure sales executive that decided to wriggle free from the golden handcuffs of a job that most would say was incredible.  All the perks of success with all the headaches of working for someone else.  Chris would be halfway around the world, missing his family and decide, that’s it – no more.  He became a professional Amazon seller, burning his six figure income bridge behind him.

Chris became an Amazon millionaire in record time and went on to spend time helping others achieve the same freedom, when he met Todd.  Together they decided to take on the world of sleazy internet marketing and show others how to sell on Amazon the right way.

Is Expert University™ Legit?

Expert University™ is a real company, however, every now and then they catch some flack for the fact that their corporate address in Las Vegas is a mailbox rental company.  It’s not even in a real nice part of Las Vegas.  When Todd or Chris are asked about this, they point out that they are an online company and do not have physical offices.

Furthermore, Todd points out that he lives on a beach in Puerto Rico, while maintaining homes in the Cliffs of Las Vegas (an exclusive community in Summerlin) and a home in Chongqing, China.  Chris has a beautiful home in Bow, New Hampshire and travels to speaking engagements around the world.  Both have said that members of their program come to visit them around the world and Todd has hosted more than one member in Puerto Rico.  They are both very approachable and communicative.

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages of selling on Amazon. The three disadvantages are: high maintenance costs, less customer support, and reduced customer satisfaction. So what are the solutions? The solution is simple and can be easily implemented by the sellers. The solution is to search for a reputable and reliable wholesale supplier.

What is a Competitive Seller?

Todd did a very nice video presentation on the concept of becoming a competitive seller, and why Amazon needs more sellers, when logic might cause one to think there are enough sellers on the Amazon platform already.  Once the concept is understood, it’s easy to see how Amazon actually does need many more sellers of name brand products.

The problem faced by many wholesale sellers is the lack of access to a good supplier. However, with the help of the Wholesale Product Mastery, you will be able to find the right supplier easily.  Todd and Chris give you access to their proprietary Wholesale Product Mastery database of wholesale suppliers.

You can save many months of research and avoid the mistake of working with the wrong supplier thanks to their database.  Furthermore, after finding the right wholesale supplier, they will also be able to make an easy profit from the wholesale product.

Wholesale Inspector

Another key component to the program is a piece of software called Wholesale Inspector.  The software was designed by Todd and has gone through one iteration after the other to improve its speed and add data points.  While there are other software out there that kind of do the same thing, Wholesale Inspector is, with a doubt, the Rolls Royce of the pack.

The software is available to anyone ala carte for a monthly fee, but the real power of this program is going to be harder to achieve without the training contained within Wholesale Product Mastery.  Still, we feel that even if something happened to the software, and it became unavailable at some point, you’d learn enough to be able to use a competing program and could continue with your business.

Wholesale Product Mastery Review – Fake Review

Moreover, some wholesale sellers are having a hard time making money because they have no idea about how to manage their business. They think that running a wholesale business is easy but it is not. On the contrary, running a successful wholesale business requires one to follow specific guidelines. There are certain steps that you have to follow to successfully manage your business. These steps are as follows:

As we all know, the price of the wholesale product is a very important factor to consider. Many wholesale sellers do not put much emphasis on the price but they tend to believe in the quality of the product. In fact, they are the ones who are losing the most because the clients keep switching from one seller to another just to be able to afford the wholesale product. In order to avoid this happening, it is important to choose a provider with low prices but a high quality product.

Most of the sellers do not know where to source out the materials needed for their wholesale product. If you are the one who is in this kind of situation, it is advised that you find a company that can provide you with the needed products. It would be better if you are going to source it out from the manufacturer itself. By doing this, you will be able to get the best price for the wholesale product.

Wholesale Product Mastery Review – The Facts

You should also pay attention to any reviews about this program to make sure there are no hidden agendas.  While doing research for this article, I found an affiliate marketer that was hating on this program for the sole purpose of stating that he had a “better” program for you.  Yes, one that he receives an affiliate commission for selling.  Be careful out there folks!

Wholesale Product Mastery does not have a refund program.  What they do is actually pretty cool.  The program comes with a certain amount of access to the wholesale supplier database.  When the time comes where you subscription is about to end, and if you do not feel you’ve been as successful as you’d like to be, they will extend the amount of time that you can have access, and they will work with you.

Wholesale Product Mastery Review – Conclusion

If you are really serious in wanting to become a successful Amazon seller using the wholesale model, Expert University’s™ Wholesale Product Mastery program is the real deal.  The biggest downside is its cost.  The program is not cheap and there is an application process.

It’s interesting because I saw someone complaining that they did not receive an offer to join the program, because they disclosed they did not have any money.  They took this to mean that the program was a scam since no one was willing to talk to him once disclosed that he had no money to work the program.

Think about that for a minute.  To me, it says, they want to make sure you are properly capitalized in order to make sure you have the best possible chance of success.  There’s always going to be haters, but it’s just not justified with respect to this program.  It does what it says, and you couldn’t ask for better mentors.