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Creating Profits Online Podcast

I have a vision for my new podcast. While I’ve been known as the “Amazon Guy” for so long, I have been creating profits online in many different ways for a long time.

I want to finally get around to putting out the best of what I’ve learned and offer suggestions to those who want to make money online. My hope is you avoid the many pitfalls and potholes I stumbled through.

Creating Profits Online

Entrepreneurs Online

I was so looking forward to continuing podcasts with Chris, but covid hit, we both got busy moving in different directions and this podcast just sort of died. It’s sad, but these things happen. I am still very proud of these episodes and want to include them here for your listening pleasure.

Spitballing with Ecomm Elite

Back in the day my business partner, Chris Keef, and I did a Podcast called Spitballing with Ecomm Elite. It was our first podcast, but I had a ton of fun doing it. There’s still a lot of relevant business information and good stories (if I say so myself). Keep this for your “throne” time, or if you’re in the car for a long drive. I hope you enjoy the “older stuff”.