Scale Your Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence and Write Unique Content Instantly

It’s hard to be a digital marketer in today’s digital age. You need quality unique content and lots of it. Content Creation can be difficult if you’re not a writer.

I used to think that creating quality content takes a lot of time. WordAi changed my mind.

WordAi is a content rewriter that creates unique versions of every piece of content using Artificial Intelligence. WordAi can create rewrites that both humans and Google love, which is the best thing about it.

Yes, it’s bold. I was skeptical too. I tried their free trial, and I can honestly say that I chose the yearly subscription.

WordAi is the best tool, service, or method available on the market, and I don’t exaggerate.


I’ve been using it to fill out my blogs for over a year. It is crazy, but WordAi has allowed me to scale my SEO so far!

If I want to create unique content I fire up WordAi and create unique content automatically that can’t help but scale my SEO efforts. WordAi can be used to diversify copy and even to brainstorm ideas to overcome writer’s block.

WordAi is something I could talk about all day. But you’ll have to experience it yourself. They offer a free trial and a 30-day guarantee of your satisfaction.

There’s no reason to not give it a whirl.  Click here to start WordAi free of charge!

You can thank me later if this tool has transformed the way that you create content.

But, it gets better. There’s only one thing better than WordAi, and that’s WordAi used in conjunction with Article Forge.

Article Forge

Article Forge uses artificial intelligence to create unique content articles that are both non-duplicate and plagiarism-free. It reads millions of articles to generate high-quality content. The software uses keywords and sub-keywords to generate articles that match the needs of the publisher. Article Forge checks for grammar and spelling errors. It also helps prepare finished articles for publishing. I was VERY SKEPTICAL about anything that auto-creates articles. Everyone knows that the quality of the articles you have on your website determines search rankings. Still, I am not the best writer and sometimes it helps to have a starting point for an article.

what is article forge

So, I use Article Forge to put something on the paper, so to speak, and go from there. You can try out Article Forge with a free trial.

The service includes an embedded YouTube video and a clickable picture for your article. Article Forge articles are indistinguishable from articles written by humans.

Once you’ve chosen your keyword phrase and any sub keywords you choose to use, you’ll be prompted to enter the number of words you want the article to contain, the length, and the headline. The software will then generate high-quality, 100% unique articles in 60 seconds.

Article Forge is a New Service

Although the service is still relatively new, it uses innovative technology to create unique content articles in minutes. It is not an automated article-scraper, unlike most paraphrasers and article spinners. Instead, it uses machine-learning algorithms to generate content for you. The service uses your keyword suggestions and a blog name. Once the content is created, you simply need to publish it on your website and edit it as you see fit. You can even upload videos and images to increase the article’s impact.

Again, please understand this is NOT article spinning or scraping of copyrighted content. This is artificial intelligence going out into the ether we call the internet and learning about the keyword you want to optimize an article about. It then takes this non-copyrighted material it learned from and creates a whole new article based on its understanding of the subject matter; and yes, it’s pretty smart.

You end up with unique, fresh content for your article and you didn’t have to pay a copywriter hundreds of dollars and wait weeks for content. Out of force of habit, I still run every single article I create with Article Forge and WordAi through Copyscape to verify it is 100% unique.

Article Forge allows the integration of WordAi into its process, and this is how I use Article Forge. I tell Article Forge to take the extra step of using WordAi and the content I receive is nothing short of amazing.

Screen Shot 2022 05 02 at 11.58.43 AM

If you need fresh, unique articles for your blog, website, product descriptions, etc., at least try Article Forge. When you see how amazing it is at producing unique content, add on WordAi and get blown away!

For your free trials, click here for Article Forge and here for WordAi.