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Scale Your Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence and Write Unique Content Instantly

wordai and article forge

It’s hard to be a digital marketer in today’s digital age. You need quality unique content and lots of it. Content Creation can be difficult if you’re not a writer.

I used to think that creating quality content takes a lot of time. WordAi changed my mind.

WordAi is a content rewriter that creates unique versions of every piece of content using Artificial Intelligence. WordAi can create rewrites that both humans and Google love, which is the best thing about it.

Yes, it’s bold. I was skeptical too. I tried their free trial, and I can honestly say that I chose the yearly subscription.

WordAi is the best tool, service, or method available on the market, and I don’t exaggerate.

I’ve been using it to fill out my blogs for over a year. It is crazy, but WordAi has allowed me to scale my SEO so far!

If I want to create unique content I fire up WordAi and create unique content automatically that can’t help but scale my SEO efforts. WordAi can be used to diversify copy and even to brainstorm ideas to overcome writer’s block.

WordAi is something I could talk about all day. But you’ll have to experience it yourself. They offer a free trial and a 30-day guarantee of your satisfaction.

There’s no reason to not give it a whirl.  Click here to start WordAi free of charge!

You can thank me later if this tool has transformed the way that you create content.

But, it gets better. There’s only one thing better than WordAi, and that’s WordAi used in conjunction with Article Forge.

Article Forge

Article Forge uses artificial intelligence to create unique content articles that are both non-duplicate and plagiarism-free. It reads millions of articles to generate high-quality content. The software uses keywords and sub-keywords to generate articles that match the needs of the publisher. Article Forge checks for grammar and spelling errors. It also helps prepare finished articles for publishing. I was VERY SKEPTICAL about anything that auto-creates articles. Everyone knows that the quality of the articles you have on your website determines search rankings. Still, I am not the best writer and sometimes it helps to have a starting point for an article.

So, I use Article Forge to put something on the paper, so to speak, and go from there. You can try out Article Forge with a free trial.

The service includes an embedded YouTube video and a clickable picture for your article. Article Forge articles are indistinguishable from articles written by humans.

Once you’ve chosen your keyword phrase and any sub keywords you choose to use, you’ll be prompted to enter the number of words you want the article to contain, the length, and the headline. The software will then generate high-quality, 100% unique articles in 60 seconds.

Article Forge is a New Service

Although the service is still relatively new, it uses innovative technology to create unique content articles in minutes. It is not an automated article-scraper, unlike most paraphrasers and article spinners. Instead, it uses machine-learning algorithms to generate content for you. The service uses your keyword suggestions and a blog name. Once the content is created, you simply need to publish it on your website and edit it as you see fit. You can even upload videos and images to increase the article’s impact.

Again, please understand this is NOT article spinning or scraping of copyrighted content. This is artificial intelligence going out into the ether we call the internet and learning about the keyword you want to optimize an article about. It then takes this non-copyrighted material it learned from and creates a whole new article based on its understanding of the subject matter; and yes, it’s pretty smart.

You end up with unique, fresh content for your article and you didn’t have to pay a copywriter hundreds of dollars and wait weeks for content. Out of force of habit, I still run every single article I create with Article Forge and WordAi through Copyscape to verify it is 100% unique.

Article Forge allows the integration of WordAi into its process, and this is how I use Article Forge. I tell Article Forge to take the extra step of using WordAi and the content I receive is nothing short of amazing.

If you need fresh, unique articles for your blog, website, product descriptions, etc., at least try Article Forge. When you see how amazing it is at producing unique content, add on WordAi and get blown away!

For your free trials, click here for Article Forge and here for WordAi.

22 thoughts on “Scale Your Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence and Write Unique Content Instantly”

  1. I think this is something I need to try out. In the past, I have struggled with keeping up the consistency when it comes to content. I have a few questions though. Can it recognise internal links to your website that you would put in if I was writing myself? That’s the same with external links like affiliate links.

    This could be a great tool for me.

    1. What I do is have the article written and then posted to my blog as a draft.  I then log into the blog and add additional content that comes to my mind, which was prompted by the information in the AI article.  This is why folks who know me say they read one of my articles and can hear my voice there.  I then will add the internal links using Link Whisper and all the outbound links are the affiliate links for the product I am writing about.

  2. I have been struggling a lot to produce at least 5 posts a week. When I got started with my blog, I didn’t know it would be so challenging. But once you get to work, it’s harder than it seems. I would greatly apricate the help of Artificial intelligence to help me produce my posts. I will give it a try!

    1. Agreed, I try to sit down each day, choose the keyword I want to optimize an article for, and then plug it into Article Forge.

      I am finished in about five minutes after adding some of my thoughts (sometimes the article is good enough, and I pick some images and publish them) and internal and outbound links, and done.

  3. This is a whole new level of software for me.  I have been using basic correction software in Word and then moved up to some of the writing software.  I am not sure what an AI platform has to offer or how it differs from  these basic older programs.  The enthusiasm you showed in this article has convinced me that I have to try the free trial and actually see what this is all about.  I must admit that I love to write so I don’t want to truncate that experience.  Rather, I want to speed up the process somewhat with content ideas and word variety.  Thanks for sharing.

  4. If the topic you are writing about is from your field and if you are well acquainted with it, then it will not be difficult for you to write blogs. However, you always need something new to motivate you in writing. This is a good way and advice on how to get people more motivated to write blogs and thus increase traffic to their blog.

    1. I completely agree, and I can write my own content for days, however, as you point out, not having to start with a blank page is very motivating and much easier for me to put out content.  Plus, I like how they SEO structure it with titles and section headings.  When I write an article from scratch, my SEO program is constantly yelling at me to add more subheadings. 

  5. Hi Todd,

    This is an article that will help me a lot. Since I started with my blog, I have struggled writing content. This is the most challenging part of affiliate marketing. It’s the first time I read about the software, and to be honest, it’s Genius! No doubt, I will try it without even thinking twice. I went to see the price on Wordai and Forge. The prices are attractive. I must say. It’s a little scary, though, but since they offer a free trial. I will try it. I didn’t see any video on the Forge website. Is it possible for you to send a link to the video so I can see how it works before I buy the product?
    Thank you so much for this helpful post

  6. Wow, sounds interesting and unbelievable. I  am sure going for these two amazing writing tools. Creating unique and quality content is not an easy task, especially for a beginner. Trying to keep my content original has been a challenge but I am happy to come across this article.

    I have tried using Copy AI but I didn’t get the type of content I wanted. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  7. Todd, I can’t thank you enough for guiding me through how I can really take my content creation to the max. 

    I have used article spinners before, and they all have been digital garbage. And some of the good ai copywriters are too expensive to justify the cost right now. 

    The fact that Article Forge does it’s own research on a topic, is basically next level. The purpose and functions one could use this is for is astounding. 

    I like that it integrates with Word AI, and I see it gives an API access. But how many other copywriting apps does it integrate with?

     With both of these working together, a content creator or marketer could see lots of potential benefits. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more.  Article Spinners are a waste of time.  Unless you want to create content that reads like it was written by an illiterate alien (from outer space – can’t be too careful nowadays).

      Until you can get to the point where you can afford a copywriting service, artificial intelligence is the way to go.  Matter of fact, I often wonder if the article creation services haven’t just trained a bunch of so-so writers to use the article creation services out there like Article Forge.

      I am not aware of any other copywriting apps that Article Forge integrates with (other than your WordPress blogs of course).

      Thanks for the kind words, and if you give Article Forge a spin, let me know what you think.

  8. Todd, thanks so much for this article on AI. There are some simply amazing tools available on the internet today that can automate many aspects of blogging,  and these look great. I have been using an AI called Anyword for a while. It gives me good copy most of the time, to which I have to do minor editing. But sometimes, it is right off beam and I have to rewrite the whole article. I might give these a try. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I’d be interested to know if this blog post is also in part written by WordAi and Article Forge?! I think it sounds fascinating and appreciate being let in on the technology – I can’t wait to give it a try. Machine learning, such as this, is the future and being able to work it into content creation a useful tool. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Yes, 100% absolutely it was written with Article Forge and WordAi.  Matter of fact, well over 90% of the articles on this site are all or, in part, written with the help of AI tech.

  10. This is an extremely interesting article about AI and writing content. I learned quite a bit. Much appreciated. Word AI seems to be to worth checking into. I like that they have a free trial offer. I am saving the site to review in more detail. I can always use assistance with content as I have a few sites and write the content myself other than guest posts that I receive. This can be a very helpful tool. It good to know there is a product like this that is not scraping or article spinning.

    1. I also pay content writers and it’s around a thousand dollars a month to get 15-20 1,000 word articles, that I still have to go through and add my voice and content to.  When I have the time to sit down with Article Forge I get more content for pretty much no money.

  11. Article Forge and WordAi is what I need. Words run away when I write and it takes me a week to just write one blog, also because of my busy schedule. I am glad to hear that within a short period of time I can be productive when writing a blog with the help of Article Forge and WordAi. Definitely, I will be able to publish more than two blogs per week with Article Forge and WordAi.

  12. Article Forge and WordAi is what I need. Words run away when I write and it takes me a week to just write one blog, also because of my busy schedule. I am glad to hear that within a short period of time I can be productive when writing a blog with the help of Article Forge and WordAi. Definitely, I will be able to publish more than two blogs per week with Article Forge and WordAi. Does Article Forge add internal links to the blog automatically?

    1. Thanks for your kind comment.  Article Forge does not add internal links, but you can replace keywords you are targeting with external links.  For internal links, I use Link Whisper (I think that’s what it’s called), and it suggests which words to link to which internal content. It is very fast and easy.  I think they have an upgrade that will do it automatically also.

  13. Nikolaos Kokotsakis

    I found your article interesting and informative.

    However, since I am at the beginning of my journey and my income is limited (if not zero), the cost of the monthly subscription prevented me from trying WordAI in practice.

    So I thought I’d ask you if you have any suggestions for young and irrelevant people like me.

    You know. From free up to $50 cost, for one year or for a lifetime subscription.

    I understand that there will be a corresponding reduction in the quality of the service provided, but it will allow me to start by making my life as easy as possible.

    What is certain is that when I have the opportunity, I will prefer your proposal. Since I have already added the product pages to my favorites, for future use.

    Thank you for your help and the informative article.

    1. First, young or not, you are not irrelevant. Stop thinking like that. Everyone starts where they are, and I was no different.

      Here’s the thing – when you don’t have a budget for shortcuts, you must be willing to do the things you won’t want to do once you have money.

      So, free is you sitting your butt down at the computer and writing content.

      If you’re really blank on what to write for a small investment, search your niche and PLR, so if gardening is your niche, Google “Gardening PLR”.

      PLR stands for private label rights. Someone else has written an article they are willing to sell to you. You can take that article, modify it, add to it, take away from it, do whatever you want (within the license rights) and come up with a unique article that you’re the author of. It helps when you don’t want to start with a blank page.

      However, NEVER, EVER, EVER take that PLR article and post it as is. It most likely has already been posted as is numerous times and will be thought of as duplicate, worthless content by Google.

      So, if you do pay a couple of dollars for a PLR article, once you’ve re-written it, run it through a plagiariser checker like to make sure it is 100% original.

      You are as relevant as you make yourself, now get to work.

  14. Hi Todd,
    Thanks for the tip on Article Forge and Word A1.
    This is nothing short of AMAZING!!!!!
    I like the principle of AM…. BUT writing and blogging is just not my forte and was the main factor holding me back.
    I coupled the 2 programmes together and Bingo… instead of 3 articles on a good week and weeks with no articles I had 3 articles in 2 hours (including the finding keywords/tinkering/personalization/adding media and links etc).
    This is technology personified.
    Thanks again

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